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Admissions Open
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ADMISSION OPEN FOR 2021 - 2022; CONTACT: 9788806815, 9500564940

The government provides scholarship for the SC/ ST Students who are studying in our Campus.

a. For the employee of the KKCAS,the Management will sponser minimum of 25% Scholarship in the tuition fees for all the Semesters.

b. A scholarship amount of Rs.2000/- given for the students who studied UG programme in our College.

The management provides meritorial scholarship for all the UG Students based on the Perentage of Marks obtained in Higher Secondary Examinations.


S.No Marks % Scholarship
1 70% - 84% 50%
2 85% - 94% 75%
3 95% - 100% 100%

The management provides sports scholarship for the Students who achieved laurels at district / state / national level.

S.No Level of Sports Scholarship
Individual Group Event
1 State Level 100% 50%
2 District Level 50% 25%

The private sectors are also interested in providing scholarships to the students who are economically backward and not able to continue their studies in our Campus.
The Alumni of our college are interested in providing Scholarship to the Students who are economically backward and cannot continue their studies due to some personal problems